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Name:Steve Calvert 01..05.05
Subject: Update

Hello everyone,
   It's a damp bank holiday and I should be getting down to plan some lessons, but I've just had a trawl through the recent Meltdown postings and it sparked me to drop you all a line and catch up.
   I've got about another six weeks of teaching practice to get through and at the moment it looks as if I will qualify as an NQT - Newly qualified teacher. (How desperate are they?). It took some while but I am getting used to being in schools - the painful times are short and sharp, rather than the long drawn out affairs we used to have in the foundry. So all in all, I am glad I've had the opportunity to give it a go - although ask me this time next year!

   Caught sight of a note from a Finn on the website - are we famous in Finland? It brought back to mind that the metal distribution system in Foundry 1 was a Swedish design with many of the units built and installed by a Finnish company. I think it was owned by Daniel Jafs. I met one of their installation engineers - I dont think I've ever met some-one so devoted to drink.

Final note - it's about Rover collapsing. I worked at Longbridge for 6 years and enjoyed much of it; it was a small town in it's own right. Now we might think it was hard for us to be out of work, but at least we had plenty of notice and generous redundancy. The guys at Rover have none of this - we can be grateful at least for that.

Anyway hope you all all busy and keeping well

Steve Calvert.


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