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Name: David Gregson 27.11.04
Subject: Cabin Crew Jet 2

Since leaving Hydro I have completed an intensive course in clinical support work including a four-week placement at Leeds General Infirmary. This course gave me a taster in working in a hospital, and also working directly with people. During my course I was applying for jobs that interested me one of them was for Jet2 cabin crew.  I attended an all day interview in Manchester, which could better be described as an audition due to its X Factor style selection procedure. To my amazement I was successful and was offered a job the following day. I have been an avid aviation enthusiast for many years and so this job can only be described as a dream come true! I will be based in Leeds Bradford INT Airport and after my training will be flying to various exciting destinations such as Geneva, Milan, and Prague on a weekly basis. Hope this can be of some use to you. Thank you.


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