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Name: Jurgen Mitchell 11.08.13
Subject:The final chapter

Message: Just to keep any0ne still looking at this page up to speed, the last chapter of the foundry is under way. Within 2- 3 months the main building will be demolished, the only remaining part (for now) is the despatch yard and car park area.

If anyone would like to view the last photographs which I took before the demolishion work started then please go to:


Sorry about the music but I just thought it was fitting, anyway you can always turn it off. Anyone wanting to contact me re-the photographs please use the email below.


Because of some issues this may be my last posting on this website, so I hope that you have been happy with most if not all of the service I have given. And anyone that maybe interested in having copies of my photographs please contact me via jurgenm1947@aol.com

wishing you all the very best

Jürgen Mitchell





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