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Name: Jurgen Mitchell 25.07.13
Subject: End of an Era

Message: Well it is a very sad day today. I visited the old foundry site today; as this was pre-arranged with Philip Herron and after special permission from Hydro. After asking permission to be able to take some photographs of the site both, Ian Ludwell and I went to the site to meet Philip. On first glance, it is much run down, as you would expect. On touring round the foundry and taking many photographs, for me, it brought back many good memories, and dare I say some bad ones as well. Starting on 25 th July the site will start to be demolished, its future is uncertain currently. The good news is that my dispatch site along with the warehouse will still be there for a while. For anyone that is interested I’m hoping to put some of the photographs onto the website as soon as is possible. But if anyone would like all the photographs, then I may be able to email them to you.

As far as this site goes it will stay open indefinitely so you can still contribute your messages and I will endeavour to put them onto the site.






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