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Name:Chris Bickers 08.02.13
Subject: Chris Bickers

Message: Hi,

Busy doing nothing at work today, and dropped on your site...

 I served my apprenticeship in the pattern shop from 1974 to 79, seeing all those names brings back lots of memories.
David Marsh was Foreman, Ken whom I’ve Cc d was in the mid week fishing gang along with Bill Pedley (probably the nicest bloke I’ve had the pleasure to meet) and John (Buzzy) Bosomworth. Eric Wainman was my mentor (he frightened me to death!) but was a gem really
Frank Lord, Donald Pinchbeck, Brian Mott, Brian Marshall, Ernie Worrall, Donald Elliott and on and on.....
Roger Cox was No 1 apprentice followed by Adrian.
Please don’t be offended if I haven’t mentioned you guys that helped shape me
All great people and characters
Chris Bickers




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