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Name : Chris Kemp
Subject: Malcolm Hamer

Message: Sad to hear of another "old boy" passing. In my time at WYF Malcolm was affectionately known as "the entertainments manager" because he was always organising some activity or another. As Mark said he was involved in the Mini 25 year celebrations. He also organised a team to enter the Land Rover Pathfinder Challenge - this was a 2 day "Stroll" through the Welsh mountains. Malcolm organised a top class team including Jerry Brown, David Marsh, Simon Grattan, Jay Kitchen, Mick Rowell and myself, sadly we did not win and didn't perform to Malcolm's expected high standards - it's believed that the team "peaked too soon" on a training hike in the Derbyshire dales. I also remember a canal trip Malcolm organised after an open day at the factory. All these "do's" were down to Malcolm and i'm sure for all those involved hold some lasting memories. Thanks again Malcolm.




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