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Name : Liz Smith nee Lunn
Subject: Memories

Message: Hi, I have just found your website for West Yorkshire Foundries.  This brings back memories.  I started work at West Yorkshire Foundries straight from school (aged fifteen) in January 1963 until 1968.  I started in the Accounts Department as a junior, the lowest job in the office from filing to fetching numerous cups of tea from the canteen morning and afternoon, as far as I can remember there were at least twenty people in that office, the tray was enormous.  We had to clock in and out every day.  I was quite often on the late to work list that was sent round every month.  The offices were in Sayner Lane and were very dusty. One of my jobs was to take full files down to the basement or the archives, what a horrible place that was, quite often someone would come along and close the door with me still inside.  Sometimes I had to go to the Despatch Department on Clarence Road, I had to walk all the way round the road or the quick way through the foundry, that was a very hot and dirty place but plenty of wolf whistles.   Those under eighteen used to get free lunches in the canteen (that's where I was introduced to spam and cornbeef fritters, I still like them.  We had to go to the wages office every Monday morning for the lunch vouchers.   I gradually moved up to the typing pool and then into the Buying Department as a typist.  Most of the people I worked with will most probably not be here now.  I remember Les Cheetham, Mr Perkins, Mr Town, Mr Lunn, Gerald Knapton, Barry Spurr (one time boyfriend), Ken Goodall (who I see quite often) and many more.  I also remember Philip Herron and his father who was quite high up as a boss I bet Philip got high up too.   Thinking back now I really enjoyed working there, I had some really lovely times workwise and socially.




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