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Name : Mark Threlfall
Subject: Brian Mott

Message: Where do I start? Brian was my mentor at WYF Clarence Road Pattenrshop when I was apprentice Patternmaker under the days of David Marsh and John Bosomworth. Brian didn't take fools gladly, and made this clear to me many times as a scared young lad in a new environment of a Patternshop full of charactors that would take the P at any opportunity, Bill Pedley, John Kelly, Harry Sowrey, David Gibson, Don Elliott, Trevor Spence, Brian Marshall, Jim Parker to name but a few... I remember one day I had the job of delivering sandwiches as I was the apprentice, and I forgot Brian (hard to do as he was quite loud) and he told me he didn't want me to do anything else for him again! Until the Sanding machine paper wanted changing that is... and everything else was forgotten. I got my own back one day when he put the badsaw blade on upside down though and he was struggling to cut some plywood, he eventually saw the funny side of that. Brian was also deputy Shop steward to me when I was Shop steward around 1985/6 Its been a sad year for a lot of my old friends from WYF.. R.I.P Motty!

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