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Name :Robert Taylor
Subject: Jerry Brown, my friend


Sunday January 24th 2010 is a date that will remain in my head for a long time. It was the day I first learned that one of my closest friends had passed away. Jerry Brown.


I first met Jerry in 1983 when he asked my company to look at a small job within the foundry. The job, well I forget, but Jerry that was another matter. Over the next twenty-five plus years we enjoyed a friendship that I am proud to say was something special. This friendship inevitably spilled over and into my family life and it was with heartbreak that I had to inform my now grown up children of Jerry’s death.


Quite simply, Jerry was one of the most honourable men I’ve ever had the privilege to work alongside and to know. He was scrupulously fair-minded and a fine example to human kind and this world is that much worse off for his passing.


My family and I send our deepest sympathy to Martin and all of Jerry’s family and I fear my words are dreadfully inadequate to convey the depth of loss we are all feeling.


I’m going to miss that cheeky grin and the man behind it, my friend, Jerry Brown.


Bob Taylor, Pauline, Sarah, Natalie, Lisa & Nich


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