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Name : Philip Herron
Subject: Jerry


It is just a month since that fateful late afternoon when Neville Shaw phoned me (the first of many callers). Neville asked me to sit down, then advised that Jerry had died suddenly the previous day. I needed to be sitting down for the news came as a complete shock for Jerry had always been such a fit, healthy and postive individual. The first person I subsequently contacted was Motorcast's Managing Director, Martin Ullrich. Martin was saddened at hearing the news and extended his deepest sypathies to be conveyed to all Jerry's family.

I first met Jerry when he joined, what was then, West Yorkshire Foundries Ltd, as an Apprentice Electrician in September 1966 (and still remember him commenting that day, on the fact that I had some difficulty in spelling his christian name, Jeremy and had to ask for his help).

Jerry became a fully quilified electician in 1970 and remained in that role until his first promotion to Foreman Electrician some two years later. 1993 saw him promoted to the postion of Facilities Engineering Manager, with paticular responsibilitities for the design and installation of plant and equipment of the then new Tridem Foundry development.

Jerry was appointed Director of Engineering in 1995. His engineering responsibilities covered both the long established Clarence Road operation and also the planning/design of the plant and layout of the facilities at the then newly aquired site at Cross Green.

With the Cross Green operation now well established, Jerry became Projects Director in 2001. In that postion, his responsibilities were extended to include the implemention of all aspects of Continuous Improvement and Employee Development within the Leeds operation (by this time now part of Hydro Aluminium and known as Motorcast). Following on from his successes within Motorcast,  Jerry's was subsequently asked to develop Continuous Improvement/Employee Development intatives within Hydro Aluminium's European operations based in Austria, Germany, Norway and Sweden, spending considerable periods at those locations on a regular basis. During this time he was also seconded to a Foundry Group in South Africa overseeing similar devolpments there.

Following Hydro Aluminium's decision to rationalise European Foundry Operations, Jerry was made redundant in December 2004. 

Jerry's son, Martin has informed me that his father joined the consutancy firm of Thinkflow Ltd, in January 2005, as a Management Consultant, remaining in that role until his sad and untimely death on 8 December 2009. Martin also confirmed that in 2005, Jerry succesfully graduated from the University of Cardiff with a Master of Science degree with Distinction.

I had known Jerry for many years and always found cheerful, helpful and very positive. His initial greeting over the years invariably would be 'hope you are alright' which delivered with sincerity and a cheeky smile too.  

Jerry had  many personal attributes endereing him to all those he worked with and which are reflected by the many Tributes posted in Jerry's memory on the 'Afterlives' website.

Finally, may I once again, and on behalf of all those who hold special memories of their indivdual friendships of Jerry, offer our condolences to Jerry's son, Martin and his family and to all Jerry's family and friends everywhere (some years ago now, Jerry had mentioned his love of 'Northern Soul' music to me and following after his death, I entered 'Jerry Brown Northern Soul' into Google and was very touched by all the Tributes to Jerry that I found on the various sites listed) 

Kind regards to all,

Phil Herron'





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