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Name : Husman Khan
Subject: Jerry Brown


Sincere condolences to you Martin & your family. Jerry started his 
continuous improvement career with a bit of a start from me then really took off 
into a new level. He was always very full of energy and was an excellent friend 
and mentor.

I managed to keep in touch with him after the plant closed. He was always there 
with advice and looked out for me - something I appreciated greatly.

I have many fond memories - classic Jerry Brown sleeping in when we were both 
supposed to be on a plane. Alarm clocks eh (who needs 'em?). I would be in 
Manchester looking for him and he would be dashing in with a story. Some dog fox 
jumped in front of the car he wrote off, or he forgot the clocks went back/ 

We had just got in touch with my current company. I was very keen to get him in 
here and benefit from his energy and expertise. He had been on at me for a while 
to go out for a meal and catch up. I had planned to call him this week...

A true friend will be missed by all. My sympathies to Martin and family for your 
loss. Will see you, God willing, on Friday.

All the best,





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