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Name: Mr. John Threlfall 27.12.04
Missing it

Hi, Can I start with saying how sad I am to see this foundry shut down, all my family have worked in total about 60 years my dad John J. Threlfall started in 1961 left 1979 when my brother Mark J. Threlfall started and worked 18 years I myself John W. Threlfall started Feb. 94 and left Feb. 99 then my sister Angela L. Threlfall and other brother Vincent J. Threlfall worked at the Cross green plant, but Vince came to cross green in the end and was the last one to work, at the time the Foundry was my life and to this day I miss it. attach pic is me John W. Threlfall in 95 when I was doing l4 on the beans hotbox with an unbeaten record in a 12 hour shift with 925 blows. Regards, missed very much.



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