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Name : Clive Jennings 20.11.09
Subject: 50's and 60's


Never thought I would see the day that WYF would be in print, with a 
website, no less!

Started on 6 February 1956 (if memory serves) as a trainee metallurgist and was 
sent to India to Ennore at the ripe old age of 21 to help build the foundry 

Met my wife at WYF.  Jean Kay (as was) was the secretary of Bill Bolton/Fred 
Holdsworth, the Chief Metallurgists, before she was secretary to the John 
Cartmell.  Jean was the niece of Arthur and Albert Lunn, who were Foundry 
Superintendents in the Coreshop and Foundries back in the 60's.  Albert was the 
First Factory Manager in Ennore in 1959.

I have to thank the people of WYF back then, who played a part in forming my 
career and my love of foundrymen all over the world.  I grew up being more of a 
foundryman than a metallurgist and now, more than 50 years later, am still 
involved with the foundry industry here in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, 
Indonesia etc even at 70 years of age, but my company deals with more metallurgy 
than foundrywork these days.

The book about WYF has been sent to me by friends who worked at WYF also, who 
incidentally are coming to NZ in the New Year for a holiday.

Just so glad to hear about the company after such a long time.  Would look 
forward to hearing from anyone ex WYF.

Question - Is Philip Herron the son of John Herron who was the Chief Buyer in 
the 60's?

Regards to all

Jean and Clive Jennings
November 2009



E: clive@metaltest.co.nz

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