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Name:Philip Herron 03.11.09
Subject: A Funeral I have Missed


I have only just heard of the death of a former colleague, John Kelly, who
died last year, having been recently contacted by John's daughter, Gillian
via the Hydro Pensions people.

Johnny (as we was known to his friends) had spent his working life at West
Yorkshire Foundries, starting as an apprentice patternmaker, then for many
years as a skilled patternmaker, prior to moving to Technical Services, and
will be fondly remembered by many.

Gillian kindly forwarded a copy of John's obituary notice, which I found
quite touching and felt that those who knew Johnny (but didn't see the
announcement at the time), may feel the same way, so here it is again -

"John Kelly 30 June 1925 - 13 April 2008

Sadly John passed away on Sunday, Nadene and I thank you for your kind
thoughts, best wishes and for the visitors he's had. He was well loved in
his lifetime by family and friends and was chirpy and cheeky to the very
end, joking with the nurses only a few hours before he peacefully passed
away from us.

He liked nothing better than a quiet drink with his pals and a flirtatious
word with the ladies. He managed to retain those 'likes' right to the very
end and that is a blessing we shall alaways be grateful for. He was a
'character' and we know that he will be missed, but do not be sad, becuase
he was always full of spirit and kept his sense of humour till the very
end, even now he will probobably have the last laugh, as things about his
life in the pub are still coming to light!

His funeral will take place on 29 April 2008. After the service we will
return to his 'home' to give John a 'good send off' back at the Penda's
Arms, just as he requested.'



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