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Name: Andy Barker 19.10.09
Subject: Maintenance Team


After finding the web-site by chance just a short note to say thanks 
for rekindling the memories.
 I worked in the maintenance dept from 77-89 and in truth never appreciated the 
people there or what they gave me until later in life.
 I remember my first days after been released from one full year at 
college(hello Mick Chaplow)and entering the maintenance  department.Opening the 
door to see men with forearms like popeye and tatoos to suit who went to the pub 
at lunch wasnt what I expected.
 Neither was the explosion of fire when they dropped out the bottom of the 
furnace by an accelarating fork truck.
 The practical experience and good (warped)humour have helped me enormously from 
Tony Andrews-Personel who employed me as an apprentice to the likes of Chris 
Roberts,Jimmy Clapham/Bob Musgrave who taught me hydraulics etc etc.
  Since leaving I remained in engineering but retrained in automation and 
robotics and have been lucky to have travelled the world with Parker Hannifin 
and now Bosch Rexroth securing my present role as UK Manufacturing Sector 
 I was sad to here of the passing away of Bob Markey but I dare say there are a 
great many other good men who have also passed on since my time there.
 Really good to remember the great characters from my time at the foundry 
especially Big Louie.




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