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Name: Philip Herron 05.08.09
Subject: Memories


Hi Jurgen,

Hope you are keeping well; just seen the two posts from Doug Parr and Stuart Groom.

Glad that life post Motorcast is good for Doug at Roncast!

I knew and remember Stuart's Dad well; a real gentleman with a lovely 'light' scots accent, who spent some years on regular nightshift as Nightshift Superintendent and a good golfer with an enviable handicap.

We had an active golfing section and an annual tournament playing for the 'Enore Trophy' (donated by the late Ernie Kemp former WYF Works Manager and named after the Enore Foundry in India, where Ernie had been seconded for a time), I think that Arthur's name would have been engraved on this trophy more than once.

Digressing slightly, there were lot's of 'Arthurs' at WYF in the 60's and 70's, including Arthur Linleys (two of those, one a driver and the other a foreman inspector)Arthur Skinner (another foreman who sadly 'passed on' on his way to work at WYF's Keighley foundry) Arthur Oxley (foreman Alum Sand), Arthur Kenworthy , Security Officer and Weighbridge Attendant (Arthur joined WYF in 1940 and stayed until his retirement in the mid 1960's), Arthur Macintosh, Fitter 'Box Hospitial', Arthur Smith who joined WYF around 1959 as an apprentice Loose Pattern Moulder..... I could go on....! (I remenber lots of Fred's, Georges, Les's, Lily's etc also!).

I do remember Ken Groom (could his clock no. be 2148?). Ken started as an apprentice patternmaker and in those days apprentice patternmakers (and fully fledged patternmakers) went on to greater things and wonder what Ken is doing now. Sadly, I can't remember Ken's bother Ivan. 

Beat regards to all our readers and contributors



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