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Name: Dougie Forbes 17.03.05
Subject: Caribbean Cruise

For my wife's 60th birthday we are going on a cruise around the Caribbean - Florida - East Caribbean - West Caribbean. I left Jamaica when I was 18. When I arrived I thought there were so many factories - all those smoking chimneys. I didn't realise they were houses, back in Jamaica houses didnt have chimneys and coal fires.
I wanted to work in the mines. I saw it on the telly that mining was a well paid job but my mum wouldn't let me, so I ended up working in a foundry. My first job was at Blakelys in Leeds making boot studs. It was the hardest job I have ever done. I was there for about 18 months when my mates told me about a job at West Yorkshire Foundries, better job with more pay.
I started work there in 1964 my first weeks pay was £11 and 10 shillings. I retired last year after working there for 40 years


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