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Name:Richard Bray 22.03.05
Subject:Beware of Strange men on bikes

Message: Hello,
I hope you are all marvelous. Luckily for me shortly after leaving Hydro the lovely Mrs Bray decided to win the lottery. 5.8 million. But alas once a wanger always a wanger. I refrained from the easy life and decided to carry on going bang at it at Allied.
Then through fault of my own I happened to mention my wifes good fortune to the dodgy fella Jurgemn. Since then however I have been constantly stalked by him and his " Groovey Gang " of bikers. I have been followed constantly by Steve Varley who had me pinned up in the Pic and Mix isle in Morrisons, informing me that Jurgemn would not take no for an answer and he had my leathers,false Freddie Mercury tash and hip swinging classes organised and if I knew what was good for me I would join the Hydro Bikers Club.
Because of the stress this has caused me, I am now in hiding in Barbados and I would warn any other past employees of Hydro to beware of the little fella and his special friend Stevie trying to entice you into to their Bikers Club.It aint big and it aint clever.
Hugs and Kisses
R.Bray (Hastings, Barbados)
P.S. I hope you are all doing fine, you little teases.

E: Owenb1234@aol.com

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