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Name: Ian Craig 03.03.09
Subject: Pensions

Message: I never actually worked at West Yorkshire Foundries but was seemingly constantly on the premises talking people through their pension options as and when they came up to retirement. I hope a good number of you remember me. I am now trying to get out of the pensions industry as I have just been made rdeundant. I'm now trying to sell phone, mobile, broadband, gas and electicity services to all via the Utility Warehouse. You won't have heard of them as they don't adsvertise - that makes them cheaper and they even have price promises, unlike their competitors. Check it out at www.telecomplus.org.uk/iancraig where you can even sign up online. My contact details are also in there. I would, of course, like you to sign up for this but would appreciate any contact even if you don't want the utilities. I enjoyed working with you all. Keep smiling. Ian


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