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Name: Julian Rogan 08.01.09
Subject: Hello Friends


I’ve only just found out about Meltdown and looking through the web pages and the postings on afterlives many happy memories came back to me about the time I worked at West Yorkshire Foundries and the friends I met there. After my sudden departure in August 2003, I did some contract work at AP Hydraulics in Leamington Spa for a few months, helping them achieve the Ford Q1 quality standard (during that time I learned a lot about automobile brakes). Although I got a job offer from AP, I was feeling homesick and applied for a number of jobs nearer home. I came to the conclusion that I needed a change in career as I could see that manufacturing was declining. In January 2004, I started work with Wakefield Council on a six month temporary contract and I’ve been with them ever since. 

I was upset to hear about the closing of the foundry although on refection I guess the writing had been on the wall for some time. I sometimes bump into friends from the foundry when I’m out and about and we exchange news of colleagues or reminisce about the times we spent there.
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