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Name: Philip Herron 19.12.08
Subject: Meltdown Books

Message: Hello Jurgen, I saw your recent message on 'Afterlives' re Meltdown books (and DVD's) still being available. I've recently discovered 20 copies of the Meltdown book which I happy to pass on free of charge to our former colleagues who would like another copy. The books are available now for personal callers to collect a copy from the Motorcast Security office ('car park' site). If you are happy with this, perhaps you would kindly post a message on 'Afterlives' accordingly. I'm not sure what the demand will be, but, should you agree to the proposal, I have asked our security officers to restrict the issue to one copy per caller. (As they say in Morrisons, once these have gone, they've gone!). I'm a regular reader of 'Afterlives' and would like to thank you for kindly agreeing to continue running the site for all of us. Pending the sale, Motorcast still remains with Hydro at present and Martin Ullrich continues as a a Director, but he doesn't visit Leeds very often these days (although I still have regular phone/email contact with him). I'm currently still doing an hour or so a week for Motorcast too. Once again, thank you for your continuing support with keeping 'Afterlives' alive. My best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Kind regards Phil



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