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Name: Ray Keating 12.12.08
Subject: Get Plastered

Message: Thanks for recomending me Chris.You got a bargain there,"Loaded" wish i was a quid in front of you ? Ive done plastering/rendering jobs for a few of the old foundry boys since 2004 Tim Smith, Nick Clayton,Chris(SCOBIE)Brielly,"Paul Bush" Mark Higgings,Keith Shinelko & other members of thier familys, remember that lot !Worked on site with a few others too. Hay we had some laughs lads eh! "GM CASTING" right laugh, great gang of lads hope you are all well. Best thing that happend to me was getting back on the tools never looked back, onwards & upwards as they say! Anyway now Mr England has put my number out there if any of you want to get plastered with me !!! give me a bell. 01924 210012 Merry xmas to you all and good luck for the future....



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