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Name:Ian McCarthy 12.09.08
Subject:Catching up

Message: Hi ist visit to the site for a while, nice to see everyone seems to be getting on OK, nice to see Chris Kemp logs on from time to time and is still one of the die hard 430 Hunslet fans - come on Rhino's. Nice to see my olde mate Mick C has finally made director, always knew youd make it Mick what other programs are your kids on, any chance of a reality show - you know like the Osbornes show. Keep it up Jurgen whatever it is your up to these days. I am still Engineering manager (Cheif Engineer)at Ronseal with around nine other ex-hydro people, although Chris Hart has now left for pastures new. Ex hydro man Gary Wilcock has taken over from Chris so the Hydro lagacy here lives on. Good to see Mark Tate is still fleecing people of their taxi fares when their drunk, or thats what little robbie tells me. Hi to Philip Herron hope you are well (and I spelt it correctly)- Best wishes to all of you out there keep in touch - Ian McC


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