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Name: Lee Kempton 30.07.08
Subject: Hello

Message: I'd just like to say hello to all who knew me. It's great to see the site up and running and nice to read all the messages from everyone. I had the pleasure of working with some real characters at WYF and thoroughly enjoyed my early years as an apprentice metallurgist under the supervision of Ralph Chaney. Well… I've still managed to continue work in the “dwindling” UK foundry industry, working as a quality engineer for www.tbleeds.com aka Thomas Brothers Ltd in Leeds. I’m now a proud Dad and have a little son who’s 11 months old. He’s keeping me and the wife busy at every spare opportunity. Im still playing the “egg chucker’s” game although semi retired! That front row malarkey doesn’t do too much for the frame and looks! I’ve seen a few of the old WYF lads on one or two “ruby” nights organised and keep in touch with a few via email and phone. Anybody who wants a natter drop me an email.

Hope all are well and will be in touch later.






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