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Name: John Mawn 25.4.08
Subject: Trevor Haggar

Message: Just thought I'd let people know I attended Trevors funeral today with my Dad and although a sad day there were some fond memories recalled. As the priest got the insence and swang it from side to side creating smoke I thought of one of the funnier moments (not at the time though)ther was a fire in the Tandem foundry when the whole shift coremakers, casters, furnacemen and team leaders were running around with fire extinguishers trying to put out a metal spill causing a Hydraulic oil blaze under the platform Trevor arrived and asked "do we have a problem here do we" there were quite a few answers to his question from everyone most of them wouldn't be printed God bless Trevor and our sympathies to his family


E: johnmawn@gamestec.co.uk

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