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Name: Dean Webster 24.4.08
Subject: How doo / gday

Message: Nar then, Sorry to hear about Trevor Haggar as he was a top bloke and was the boss when i was an apprentice, when the place was known as Eisenwerk Bruhl - EB WYF(prior to VAW ).There wont be many left like Trevor and I always remember him on his morning walkarounds,catching Suliman reading his paper on the core belter etc. On a lighter note, great to see some of the comments from the likes of the following :- Steve R, Kempi,Mick,Mark Threlfall, J Mawn etc, Dougie 'overtime' Parr & their kid Bob etc.Forgot we used to call him dogs knob.Laughing when i read that.Are you still trying to play football Doug with your John??? Dougie Wharmby and his old golf mate Bob Cartwright.Also, S Barker, Mollart,Conlon, Willcocks and co, all at Ronseal. Martin 'Swilly' Healy making me laugh as he always does and taking the piss out of Jurgen when required. Sorry Jurgen but good job on the site by the way.Cant remember you ever fixing anything before :) - only joking mate. Im still enjoying living in Australia and working as an eng.contractor within the industry, so its funny to hear your stories as its easy to forget out here :) No worries, Dean


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