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Name: Chris Kemp 21.4.08
Subject: Trevor Haggar

Message: Sad to hear the news about Trevor, as Mick and Phillip say he was a true foundryman and a thoroughly nice bloke. I always have a smile when Trevor's name is mentioned because of a comment he once made. If you remember the old "pillar" furnace that fed the Holimacy holders, it had some large wooden guides for all the hoses - when I was apprentice on the melt platform we had a metal spill and the wooden guides went up in flames, well as you'd guess there was smoke everywhere, 3 or 4 of us with fire extinguishers tryin to put it out, just as Trevor came on to platform. He just said to us "is it on fire ?" and carried on on his rounds - makes me smile anyway !! Condolences to John and the rest of his family. Nice to see a note from Mick -hope your ok old boy, sad to hear an old Hunslet lad is following the Rhino's though- drop me an e-mail if you get chance. Me and the family are still down in Swindon - been over 10 years now - finally got out of the foundry game and am currently production manager at a company manufacturing printing blankets. Still keep in touch with a few of the old boys - Jay, Simon and Mick - would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Keep up the good work Jurgen - not sure I remember you though.


E: chris_kempuk@yahoo.co.uk

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