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Name: Mick Chaplow 17.4.08
Subject: My good friend Jurgen

Message:This is for you mate. I too attended Bob Markey's funeral - those of you who think you know me probably don't know that Bob was also my Manager when I worked in the Maintenance team. Bob was a company man through and through -honest , fair but tough when needed. After losing his fantastic wife Bob met a lovely lady and sometimes I would talk to them at Pudsey Asda as they pushed their shopping trolley around together. We even shared breakfast in the cafe and talked about the old times and how thin I used to be. It is a pity we didn't see many more men come into the Foundry with Bob's skills. With people like him and a Managing Director like Martin Ullrich -my best manager to date bar non- we would still be open today. Still , life moves on. I left the Foundry - had a drink with some good men and went home to watch the Rhino's stuff the Bulls - not much has changed in 2008! I went to work at John Cotton's and spent 2 years and 2 days there before landing the job at Nestle as their H&S Manager in Halifax and Castleford - yes - it was not only Richard taking the mickey at this point- Cas always stuff us at the Jungle and Halifax women are more scary than any bloke who worked in Foundry 3!!!. I was asked to go back to John Cotton's as a Director in Nov 2007 and took the opportunity -so here I am - doing what I like the best and getting well paid for it - can't grumble. My children are both regularly on TV or completing auditions. My daughter may be filming "Are you smarter than a ten year old" in August - again - why I am I remembering Foundry 3 ? Jurgen is a great guy so help him out and keep the story alive. Me - would love to meet some of you again - be scared Richard - be very afraid. PS On a more serious note - another good guy passed away this week - Trevor Haggar - old style British Leyland man but again - a real Foundry man - God Bless. Keep in touch Jurgen - you are an inspiration. MC


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