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Name: Chris Kemp 25.01.07
Subject: Touching Base

Message:I've just stumbled on this site by accident and have to say it's a great idea to cover the many years of history of the old place.
I'm still in Swindon, 10 years now, but I often think of the old days.
I remember how huge the place seemed when I started there straight from school and then the changes it went through in the 18-19 years I was there.
The newspaper clipping about Big Louis made me smile - wot a woman !!!!
I see Chappy's getting some stick on here - i'm sure Micks can handle it all.
I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me so i'm leaving my e-mail address in the bit below.
Some of the picture galleries are of the years after I left so many of the faces are unknown to me but I do recognise a few - The Parr clan - It was me who set Doug on as a caster in the tridem area - same with Mark Tate and a few others.
I'll sign of for now and see if anyone replies

E: chris_kempuk@yahoo.co.uk

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