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Name: Ralph Chaney 30.12.06
Subject: A lifetime ago

Message: Heard of the news about Bob from Steve Calvert. it was good to work with one of the true professionals, and I know he will be sadly missed.
To all my colleagues, I apologise for not coming round to see you all before I was shown the door, but I only had 1 hour to close my office.
Got hold of a copy of Meltdown through the back door so to speak when it first came out. I was very interested in the section on the history of the foundry, but was disappointed not to have had the opportunity to contribute in the time between 1961 to 1990 when there was so much to say, 41 years service holds many memories.
well I've moved on like every one else, and am now working in the Fitness business with ICON formerly as QC technician, and currently as Warehouse supervisor.
To all who read the afterlife section, my best wishes go out to you for the future. Will contact again shortly.


E: chaneyandthomas@aol.com

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