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Name: Mark Richards (Trigger) 21.10.06
Subject: Bob + catching up

Message: Its always sad to hear of the death of someone you know. Even if you didn't know them well.

I never really spoke to Bob when at Hydro but even so, to hear of his death comes as a shock. Anyway, hope everybody is well and its the first time I've been on this site in ages. I'm still working in Thomas Brothers along with some of the other lads from Hydro. It's still a dump but it pays the bills.

My classic Citroen got fully restored and now I chauffeur for weddings and also film them (not at the same time). So if you know anybody getting married then you know who to see for the car or filming.

Can't wait till 28th October, going to tynedale farm and spending a night there. Its a haunted farm where the so called pendle witches were hanged in the 17th century. Yipes.

Right I'll leave it at that for now.

Anybody need a wedding car the email me.

Will more than likely see some of you knocking about as I can't seem to escape lol.

Good bye Bob!!


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