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Name: Steve Calvert 22.09.04
Subject: Teaching

So we're closing. What to so next? Foundry and forge work is all I know, but do I really want to have to move to find work, or even work abroad? Not if I can help it. My family is settled any my kids are doing GCSES and A levels at the moment- not a good time to move. So what else is there? Well at the back of my mind I've always been attracted to teaching Są and I love physics, so why not put the two together? I could teach physics. I couldn't do it without the redundancy windfall to help us through the training period, and I would kick myself if I didn't try it. So lets go for it.
I start postgraduate course to teach secondary science and physics to a level in September. So if in years to come your children come home and tell you they've got some nutter called Mr Calvert teaching them science Są well you know the story.


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