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Name: Philip Herron 13.10.06
Subject: A well thought of colleague

Message: Thank you (and your team) for regularly updating the Motorcast 'afterlives' page.

It was inparticular, very meaningful by communicating the recent and sudden passing of Bob Markey (age 58; I last spoke to him on Monday, this week, 9 Oct; he was well and full of life).

Bob was a well thought of colleague and friend and many of his Motorcast colleagues will, I'm sure, wish to share the grief of his partner, Sue.

I'm still 'there' of sorts; just a few hours spread through the week, to sort post etc. Martin Ullrich continues his director responsibilities for the site, but this will end on 31 October.

Philip Herron
Records Archivist
Hydro Aluminium Motorcast


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