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Name: Jürgen Mitchell 07.03.05
Hydro Bikers Club
Hello, My name is Jürgen Mitchell, I am 58yrs of age and I am the cell leader in the despatch / warehouse. I have worked at the foundry 9 years and I believe I will along with one of my staff be the last Hydro employee to leave in November 2005. I felt a little sad that the company decided to close the Leeds operations. Pondering about this just before Christmas I wonder how I keep in touch with my work colleagues, because a lot of us have motorbikes or are interested in bikes I wondered if Hydro would fund a web site for all employee's past and present, I was delighted when Philip Herron told that the company had agreed to fund the first year and also to allow me to us the 'Hydro' name. I set too and began to design the web site, something I had never done before, the site is www.hydro-bikers-club.com since then I decided to begin to build a second site which is also no won the internet, this www.hydro-bikers-club.net this site I have funded myself as it started out as a trial site but is a fully working site. This has also give me ideas on what I would like to do when I finally finish ay Hydro, I have signed up for a web design. The fact that I am still willing to learn something that really interest me has given me the enthusiasm to take on this course, to be able to design something many people can use gives pride. I would like to thank Hydro Aluminium for the opportunity to be able to take the course. Could I also be a little cheeky and ask if you could maybe display the web sites on the fettling site, so that those people that have left the company before the site was working can maybe have the chance to look at the site. I will of course add a link on both my site the fettling web page.
Thank you

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