Fettling Home

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Who’ll Gimmie Mi a Job Nah by Alison Butler

Av bin dahn t’job centre an seen on’t display wot they 'ad t’offer t’day
Sum jobs luked fine, t'others better, but which path shall ah tek in this
stormy weather.
So just gimme ah job of werk t'do and ahl do t'best ah can f'you, ahl labour
neet n day just f'decent tek home pay.
Jobs wi' overtime n bonuses will 'elp t'pay rent, but wot about folk to whom
ahl bi' sent.
Will t'new folk tek t'mi, can a swim wi' t'flow, suppose until a try ahl
nivver know.
Now its time t'luk t'future but remember where av bin, after all life’s all
abaht changing an changing is livin.






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