Fettling Home

pair of gloves

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A Tale to Tell

I have a little tale to tell
It's called my working life
My skills I soon will have to sell
Hey! Demanding wife!!!
The job I have has paid me well
I thought it was for life
I don't know what to do now
I've only 12 months left
Painter, decorator, or candlestick maker
Which one is the best?
I don’t know how to sign on
I've always earn't a crust
But moving on to pastures new
Certainly seems a must
The wife she is so gutted
I'll no longer have a crust
It seems such a pity
I can't afford her new DD bust
I wonder if the tabloid press
Would want to tell my tale
I hope in 12 months time
My house aint up for sale
You've heard my little tale now
Of my working life
Well, so long Norsk Hudro
I thought it was for life

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