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Meltdown – Words and images from a Yorkshire Foundry

The Clarence Road foundry was part of Leeds manufacturing heritage for many years. Its closure brings to an end another chapter in our industrial history. Despite the closure, manufacturing remains fundamentally important to Leeds and to the region – as the trade union Amicus has done so much to remind us. Leeds is still home to a wealth of skill, experience, creativity and passion. And if we are going to keep manufacturing in its rightful place, as well as continue to build up the other industries and services on which the city’s future depends, we need to invest in education. It is the single most important thing we can do for the next generation.

All our experience should tell us that, if you give people the opportunity, the means and the encouragement, then you would be amazed by what they can achieve. Meltdown is proof of this. It tells the story of the foundry in the words of those who worked there – and it looks forward, as well, to the new lives are anticipating. I urge you to read this unique and imaginative piece of living history.

Hilary Benn
MP for Leeds Central

Copies of the book are available from:

Heads Together Productions
The Barn—Honley Junior School,
Jaggar Lane,
Honley HD9 6BT

Price: £10 plus postage and packing

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