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A review of Meltdown is attached
Kathy Irwin
Houston, Texas

We are a small Bookshop run by Leeds Civic Trust-a registered charity. We think it would be appropriate to stock the above book. We stock the widest range of books on the local and social history of Leeds and surrounding areas in the city.
Mrs V Spark
Bookshop Manager
Leeds Civic Trust
17-19 Wharf street
Leeds LS2 7EQ

"Just to say many thanks for the 60 copies of "Meltdown", it's a really splendid and original publication and we are delighted to have it.
Judith Rhodes
Stock Services Librarian, Leeds Library & Information Service

Letter dated 22/1/05
"Dear Sir, As an ex-employee of West Yorkshire foundries I was interested to hear of the exhibition at Armley Mills. I wonder if you could post me a copy of the book “meltdown” As I am totally blind is there a possibility that the book could be translated into Braille. I am the youngest of 3 brothers who all worked at WYF with a total service of nearly 100 years. Eldest brother, Arthur Ryder was a foreman for several years in N0 4 foundry in the 60’s/70’s. My other brother, Lawrence Ryder, was a rate fixer in the iron dept during the same period. I, frank worked in the 23 dept under Arthur groom, then as core maker in 54-core shop and 56-core shop. My sight deteriorated then I was transferred to pressure dye dept where I completed 30 years service being made redundant in 1979.
Best wishes to all ex-employees,"
Frank Ryder (Age 80)

"Hi, Can I start with saying how sad I am to see this foundry shut down, all my family have worked in total about 60 years my dad John J. Threlfall started in 1961 left 1979 when my brother Mark J. Threlfall started and worked 18 years I myself John W. Threlfall started Feb. 94 and left Feb. 99 then my sister Angela L. Threlfall and other brother Vincent J. Threlfall worked at the Cross green plant, but Vince came to cross green in the end and was the last one to work, at the time the Foundry was my life and to this day I miss it. attach pic is me John W. Threlfall in 95 when I was doing l4 on the beans hotbox with an unbeaten record in a 12 hour shift with 925 blows. Regards, missed very much,"
Mr. John Threlfall

"Hi my name is Paul carter. I have been to the meltdown exhibition in Leeds and there I was all 5ft 8 off me. full size picture of me. Could you please let me know wot will happen to the picture When the exhibition ends. as I would like to have it if there are no plans for it. I have been told that the exhibition will be on TV do we know when this will be. Thanking you,"
Paul Carter

press cutting

"Dear Ian, I would love to review "Meltdown" and send comments on to you. I check your site periodically because I love the arts working in behalf of
people power. Visited the office in Leeds a couple years back. No snow down here and only a bit chilly in the 50's F. Tomorrow warming up so I will send a 70's F breeze blowing in your general direction. Best!"
Kathy Irwin

press cutting

"Dear Ian: My copy of Meltdown has arrived and a proper review will follow but for now... know that it is beautifully done! Took me to tears
immediately when I read the "You're never too old to be what you should have been" reflection. So much tender toughness in the images and words. Carry it on. Best!"
Kathy Irwin


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