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Find out what friends and colleagues are doing now. How they are getting on after leaving the foundry. From the start of the project in May 2005 we asked people to tell us about their plans. We receive updates from a few ex-employees but we would like more. It's not an automated system (if only) but we will put up posts as often as we can. Scroll down to read past posts.

Just send an email to jurgenm1947@aol.com including the following details:


Past Posts/Comments:

23.12.15 Jurgen Mitchell: Seasons Greetings

29.10.15 Jurgen Mitchell: John Lloyd

16.12.13 Mark Threfall: Merry Christmas

13.12.13 Jurgen Mitchell: Merry Christmas

04.09.13 Ray Jones: Demolition

01.09.13 Jurgen Mitchell: Back to Normal

11.08.13 Jurgen Mitchell: The final chapter.

30.07.13 Jurgen Mitchell: Comments Fault

25.07.13 Jurgen Mitchell: End of an Era

04.04.13 Kenneth Groom: WYF

18.02.13 Mark Threfall: Chris Bickers

08.02.13 Chris Bickers: Chris Bickers

19.12.12 Jurgen Mitchell: Christmas Greetings

19.12.12 Bob Parr: Christmas Greetings

28.09.12 Bev & Mandy: Night Out

23.09.12 Bev & Mandy: A get together needed before xmas.

31.08.12 Jurgen Mitchell: Still here

15.08.12 Christine (Wren) Bastin: Afterlives

09.08.12 Anon: The Old Days

08.08.12 Ray Jones: Hugh Gooding

24.02.12 blenky: Old site

14.01.12 Brendan Beelby: Maurice Nealon

09.01.12 Jurgen Mitchell: Maurice Nealon RIP RIP

09.01.12 Phil Herron: Maurice Nealon RIP RIP

09.01.12 Brendan Beelby: Maurice Nealon

19.12.11Mark Threlfall: All the best for Christmas and new year

10.12.11 Jurgen Mitchell: Christmas Greetings

13.10.11 Derek Spry: Wakefield Night Out

02.09.11 Harry Gentry: Life

23.09.11 Dougie Parr: Life

27.04.11 Netty: Night Out

15.03.11 Bill Denton: Dick Liddle's Funeral Details

11.03.11 Derek Spry: Dick Liddle

11.03.11 Bill Denton: Dick Liddle

20.02.11 Ronald Brooksbank: Arthur Groom

17.02.11 Ken Groom: Reunion

16.02.11 Jurgen Mitchell: Alan Forster

12.02.11 Derek Spry Subject: Paul Smithson

18.01.11 Ken Groom Subject: Bev/Mandy

02.01.11 Doug Parr Subject: New Year

18.12.10R A Blenkinsop Subject: xmas

12.12.10 Bev & Mandy Subject: The next get together 2011

09.12.10 Unkown Subject: None

03.12.10 Jurgen Subject: A Christmas Message

28.11.10 Ray Jones Subject: Xmas 2010

09.11.10 Ken Groom Subject: Maurice Nealon

04.11.10 Chris Kemp Subject: Malcolm Hamer

03.11.10 Liz Smith nee Lunn Subject: Memories

22.10.10 Mark threlfall Subject: Malcolm Hamer R.I.P

02.10.10 Dougster Parr Subject: night out

01.10.10 Bev Kus Subject: Dougie

28.09.10 Jurgen Subject: Doug

28.09.10 Doug Parr Subject: Living

28.09.10 Bev & Mandy: Subject: Night 9th Oct n

14.09.10 Clark Hodges: Subject: Brian Mott n Beel

07.09.10 Philip Herron Subject: Ken Beelbyen Beelby

05.09.10 Simon England: Subject: Mark Beaumont

03.09.10 Ian McCarthy: Subject: Dennis McCarthy

02.09.10 Brendan Beelby Subject: Ken Beelby / Maurice Nealon ?

14.08.10 P. Barlow Subject: Mark Beaumont

07.08.10 Ray Jones Subject: Mark Beaumont

06.08.10 Mick Perkins Subject: Mark

06.08.10 Paul Smithson Subject: Mark BeaumontFFuneral

06.08.10 Bev & Mandy Subject: Mark BeaumontFFuneral

05.08.10 Jurgen Mitchell Subject: Mark Beaumont

05.08.10 Paul Carter Subject: Mark Beaumont

05.08.10 Bev & Mandy Subject: Mark Beaumont

04.08.10 Ian Ludwell Subject: Mark Beaumontk

03.08.10 Chris England Subject: Mark R.I.P ark

03.08.10 Mark Threlfall Subject: Mark Beaumont R.I.P

02.08.10 Bev & Mandy Subject: Night out 9th Oct

01.08.10 Bev & Mandy Subject: Night out Oct 2010

23.07.10 Philip Herron. Subject: Brian Mott

23.07.10 Chris Kemp. Subject: Dennis and Brian

23.07.10 Alan Blenkinsop. Subject: Brian Mott

23.07.10 Alan Blenkinsop. Subject: Dennis

23.07.10 Mark Threlfall. Subject: Brian Mott

22.07.10 Mick Perkins. Subject: Brian Mott

21.07.10 Eric Haworth. Subject: Dennis McCarthy

19.07.10 Mark Threlfall. Subject: Dennis McCarthy a

18.07.10 Chris England. Subject: Night Out a

18.07.10 Ian McCarthy. Subject: Obituary D. McCarthy arthy

07.07.10 N. Oxley. Subject: A real foundry man

16.06.10 Bev & Mandy. Subject: Night Out

13.06.10 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Your Comments

11.06.10 Steve More. Subject: Fish n no Chips

09.06.10 Ian Stringer. Subject: No Subjectell

06.06.10 Steve More. Subject: Hello Chris ello Chris

31.05.10 Chris Wrag Subject: The big day

31.05.10 Waqar (Naz) Subject: GM L4 Processing Team 97-98

04.05.10 J Mitchell Subject: Still here

19.03.10 M Lupton Subject: Hello

05.03.10 J T. Subject: Derrick Security Guard

29.01.10Robert Taylor. Subject: Jerry Brown, my friend Br

17.01.10 Bev & Mandy. Subject: Jerry

07.01.10 Philip Herron. Subject: Jerry

22.12.09 Sue Neal. Subject: Hello...remember me?

21.12.09 Alan Blenkinsop. Subject: No Subject

21.12.09 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Seasons Greetings

16.12.09 Mick Rowell. Subject: Jerry Brown

15.12.09 Alan Chalkley. Subject: Jerry Brown

15.12.09 Husman Khan. Subject: Jerry Brown

11.12.09 Steve Howard. Subject: Jerry Brown

11.12.09 Bill Denton. Subject: Jerry Brown

11.12.09 Chris Kemp. Subject: Jerry Brown

10.12.09 Phil Gardner. Subject: Jerry Brown

10.12.09 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Jerry Brown, funeral arrangements

10.12.09 Paul Smithson. Subject: Jerry Brown

09.12.09 Martin Brown. Subject: Jerry Brown

09.12.09 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Jerry Brown

07.12.09 Doug Parr. Subject: Off

27.11.09 Bev Kus. Subject: Night Out

20.11.09 Mandy & Bev. Subject: 21st Nov

20.11.09 Clive Jennings. Subject: 50's and 60's

19.11.09 Ray Keating. Subject: "neet art 21st"

17.11.09 Paul Smithson. Subject: Reunion

16.11.09 Chris England . Subject: nite out 21/11/09

16.11.09 GillianWatering. Subject: John Kelly gone but not forgotten!!!!

13.11.09 Bev Kus . Subject: Re-union 21st Novemeber

08.11.09 Mark Threlfall . Subject: John Kelly R.I.P

03.11.09Philip Herron . Subject: A Funeral I have Missed

27.10.09 Ray Jones . Subject: 5 years On

27.10.09 Bev Kus . Subject: Reunion - 21 November 2009

19.10.09 Andy Barker . Subject: Maintenace Team

19.10.09 Philip Herron . Subject: Another Funeral

08.10.09 Jurgen. Subject: Thanks Dougie

08.10.09 Doug Parr . Subject: September

21.09.09 Kuda Harumani. Subject: Graduated

01.09.09 Doug Parr . Subject: August

17.08.09 Mandy & Bev . Subject: Ian's Retirement

17.08.09 Roger Hilditch . Subject: Good old days

16.08.09 Vince Threlfall . Subject: Life After WYF

15.08.09 Ian Ludwell. Subject: Pipes & Slippers

07.08.09 Bev Kus & Mandy Gil. Subject: Reunion Night

05.08.09 Philip Herron. Subject: Memories

01.08.09 Dougie Parr. Subject: Life

29.07.09 Stuart Groom. Subject: Arther Groom WYF Superintendant

05.07.09 Mark Threfall. Subject: Trevor Haggar on Antiques Roadshow

09.06.09 Unknown. Subject: mmmmmm

04.06.09 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Comments Delays

25.05.09 Dougie Parr. Subject: mmmmmm

10.05.09 Ray Jones. Subject: No Subject

05.05.09 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: I'm Still here, fingers at the ready

28.03.09 Dougie Parr. Subject: Westlife

28.03.09 Ray Keating. Subject: Chris "bricking it " England

20.03.09 Bev & Mandy. Subject: Night out needed soon

18.03.09 Bev & Mandy. Subject: Dougie Parr

08.03.09 Wayne Robinson. Subject: Reunion Night 12th Sept 09

03.03.09 Ian Craig. Subject: Pensions

19.02.09 Phil Gardner. Subject: The Good Old Days

05.02.09 Mark Threlfall. Subject: Reunion

26.01.09 Wayne Robinson. Subject: Night Out

26.01.09 Mr D. Parr. Subject: Mr James Carr

25.01.09 Martin Brown. Subject: Dougie Fresh

25.01.09 Martin Brown. Subject: F.O.A Mark Threlfall

25.01.09 Doug Parr. Subject: Marty "B"

25.01.09 Jurgen. Subject: Duncan Webb

24.01.09 Jurgen. Subject: Mark Threlfall

24.01.09 Mark Threlfall. Subject: New start Different Industry

23.01.09 Duncan Winter. Subject: Life after Cross Green

22.01.09 Martin Brown. Subject: Ungowa

14.01.09 Dave Pearman. Subject: Reunion Night

14.01.09 Mark Tate. Subject: Wayne Robinson

09.01.09 Paul Smithson. Subject: Reunion nighjt @ HELLend road

08.01.09 Julian Rogan. Subject: Hello friends

07.01.09 Wayne Robinson. Subject: Reunion night Sep 09

19.12.08 Philip Herron. Subject: Meltdown Books

19.12.08 Ian Ludwell. Subject: Xmas

19.12.08 Adrian Sinclair. Subject: Good going in 2008

18.12.08 Mark Threfall. Subject: All the Best

18.12.08 Ray Jones. Subject: Xmas

14.12.08 Lee Fitzpatrick (monty). Subject: Hi everybody

12.12.08 Ray Keating. Subject: Get Plastered

11.12.08 Allan Blenkinsop. Subject: Xmas

06.12.08 Chris England. Subject: Back on the Tools

03.12.08 Jurgen. Subject: Meltdown book & dvd

03.12.08 Jurgen. Subject: Merry Christmas

03.12.08 Jurgen. Subject: Doug Parr

02.12.08 Doug Parr. Subject: Working Life

28.11.08 Wayne Robinson. Subject: Night out

27.11.08 Matin Healey. Subject: Night out

22.11.08 Lee Gillham-Bowers . Subject: Night out

19.11.08 Mark Threfall. Subject: Night out sounds good

13.11.08 Chris England. Subject: Time for a beer

12.11.08 Jurgen. Subject: Mark Tate

12.11.08 Ian Ludwell. Subject: Arnold Gash

12.11.08 Mark Tate. Subject: re-union ????

09.11.08 Jurgen. Subject: Regards to your dad

08.11.08 Karen Gardner. Subject: Hello Jurgen

08.11.08 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Hi Karen

08.11.08 Karen Gardner. Subject:Regards to your dad

06.11.08 Mark Tate. Subject: No subject

05.11.08 Jurgen. Subject: Marks birthday

05.11.08 Chris England. Subject: Did I say that

31.10.08 Doug Parr. Subject: No subject

31.10.08 Mary Wynn. Subject: HGV

28.10.08 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Dougie

28.10.08 Doug Parr. Subject: Life of a Transvest

25.10.08 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Not Too Busy Mary

25.10.08 Mary Wynn. Subject: Catch up!

25.10.08 Dean Webster. Subject: Tate's place

25.10.08 Lee Gillham-Bowers. Subject:What now.

24.10.08 P Carter. Subject: fu.. it im going back to brick yard

23.10.08 Chris England. Subject: hat iam up to now

26.09.08 Allan Blenkinsop. Subject: a Fishing

24.09.08 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Mark Tate

24.09.08 M. Tate. Subject: Jurgen

23.09.08 M. Tate. Subject: Paul Carter (the young one lol)

23.09.08 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: No Change then

19.09.08 Paul Carter. Subject: B&Q

17.09.08 M Tate. Subject: Mr McCarthy

15.09.08 M Tate. Subject: Mr McCarthy

12.09.08 Ian McCarthy. Subject: Catching up

01.09.08 Lee. Subject: Webster

01.09.08 Alan Blenkinsop. Subject: Car

26.08.08 M Tate. Subject: Alan Blenkinsop

13.08.08 Chris Goodson. Subject: 4 Years Already

30.07.08 Lee Kempton. Subject: Hello

19.07.08 Bernd J. Horstkamp. Subject: Good being back again

11.07.08 Alan Blenkinsop. Subject: Reliant

05.07.08 Ian Ludwell. Subject: Rambo

02.07.08 Mark Tate. Subject: None

01.07.08 Chris Milnes. Subject: Hi

30.06.08 Ian Ludwell. Subject: Ref Jon Haggar

22.06.08 Jon Haggar. Subject: Luddy & Dave Turner

15.06.08 Dave Turner. Subject: Bonjour Mon Amis

14.06.08 Ian Ludwell. Subject: Mark Sunill

11.06.08 Jason Labudde. Subject: G ' Day

10.06.08 Dean Webster. Subject: Ref Germany v Poland

07.06.08 Mark Tate. Subject: No Subject

23.05.08 Lee Fitzpatrick (Monty). Subject: Hello

12.05.08 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: The bikers are back

03.05.08 Jon Haggar. Subject: Trevor (Dad) Haggar

02.05.08 Simon Gratton. Subject: Missing Tent

30.04.08 Ralph Chaney. Subject: Hello once again

25.04.08 John Mawn. Subject: Trevor Haggar

24.04.08 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Makes it all worth while

24.04.08 Chris Kemp. Subject: Dave Crampton's message

24.04.08 Dean Webster. Subject: How doo / gday

22.04.08 Steve Rawnsley. Subject: Trevor Haggar

22.04.08 David Crampton. Subject: Good old days

21.04.08 Mark Threfall. Subject: Trevor Haggar

21.04.08 Alan Blenkinsop. Subject: Trevor Haggar

21.04.08 Chris Kemp. Subject: Trevor Haggar and an update

19.04.08 Philip Herron. Subject: Trevor Haggar

17.04.08 Mick Chaplow. Subject: My good friend Jurgen

15.04.08 Bob Parr. Subject: Chips 'N Gravy

15.04.08 John Mawn. Subject: Alan Blenkinsop

14.04.08 Mark Threlfall. Subject: Update N0. 5

13.04.08 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Same old Martin

13.04.08 Martin Healey. Subject: Get together

13.04.08 Alison. Subject: Hello

09.04.08 Doug Parr. Subject: Life after VAW

06.04.08 No Name left. Subject: Old friends

04.04.08 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: A thank you to All

01.04.08 John Mawn. Subject: Looking Back

01.4.08 Ian Ludwell. Subject: Good to be Back

01.4.08 Harry Gentry. Subject: Thanks to Jurgen

30.03.08 Ray Jones. Subject: back on line

20.03.08 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Under New Management

05.03.08 Robert Allan Blenkinsop. Subject: Old Mates

3.2.08 Mark Threlfall. Subject: Request for curry and night out

18.1.08 Furnace Mark. Subject: Thanks to heads together

16.1.08 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Back on line

23.11.07 Mark Tate. Subject: thanks

21.11.07 Ian Ludwell. Subject: hello anyone who is browsing

13.10.07 mark tate. Subject: my 40th

23.09.07 lee fitzpatrick (monty). Subject: viper calling

31.07.07 Steve Marshall. Subject: Lazy Die Fitters

31.05.07 Mark Threlfall. Subject: Reunion?

29.05.07 Stuart Langley. Subject: Living the high life

29.05.07 Mark Threlfall. Subject: Wales

25.01.07 Chris Kemp. Subject: Touching Base

09.01.07 Ian Ludwell. Subject: 2007

30.12.06 Ralph Chaney. Subject: A lifetime ago

21.12.06 Ian McCarthy. Subject: Merry Christmas and a happy 2007

13.12.06 Ray Jones. Subject: Xmas

13.12.06 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Christmas 2006

05.12.06 A Blenkinsop. Subject: xmas

24.11.06 Ian Ludwell. Subject: Europe Trip 2007

21.11.06 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Sue

21.11.06 Sue Gorbun. Subject: Bob Markey

19.11.06 r.a.b. Subject: m.c.

18.11.06 M.Tate. Subject: Who's doing what???

10.11.06 Ray Jones. Subject: Bob Markey

29.10.06 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Photo

29.10.06 Anon. Subject: can't let go

25.10.06 Anon. Subject: Only joking

25.10.06 Richard Bray. Subject: Bob Markey

23.10.06 Ian Ludwell. Subject: Final Farewell

21.10.06 Mark Richards (Trigger). Subject: update

21.10.06 Mark Richards (Trigger). Subject: Bob + catching up

17.10.06 Anton Berry. Subject: Bob Markey

16.10.06 MC. Subject: The rise and fall of MC

16.10.06 Mark Threlfall. Subject: Sad loss of an old mate

16.10.06 Steve Calvert. Subject: Bob

15.10.06 Jason Labudde. Subject: Bob Markey

13.10.06 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Heads Together

13.10.06 Ian Ludwell. Subject: Fond farewell

13.10.06 Alan Chalkley. Subject: Bob's send off

13.10.06 Philip Herron. Subject: A well thought of colleague

12.10.06 Alan Chalkley. Subject: Farewell to a good mate

12.10.06 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Bob Markey

03.10.06 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: Change of Job

29.09.06 Martin Brown. Subject: F.A.O Ricky Bradley

28.08.06 Richard Bray. Subject: The rise and fall of M.C.

13.08.06 Allan Blenkinsop. Subject: afterlife

23.07.06 Ian Ludwell. Subject: Bike trip

19.07.06 Ricky Bradley. Subject: keep in touch old buddies

10.07.06 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: European trip

09.07.06 Harry Gentry. Subject: Gasometer

29.06.06 Jurgen Mitchell. Subject: European trip

13.05.06 Daz Moody, Subject: ZZZZzzzzz

14.04.06 Mark Beaumont, Subject: Scarred again

08.04.06 Ian Ludwell, Subject: New Job

07.04.06 Jurgen Mitchell, Subject: Change is as good as a rest

07.04.06 Jurgen Mitchell, Subject: Bikers club

04.04.06 Mark Threlfall, Subject: Update after more administration

31.03.06 Martin Healy. Subject: Bikers club

28.03.06 Jurgen Mitchell, Subject: Bikers reply

28.03.06 David Browne, Subject: Ex employee WYF

25.03.06 Steve Hunter, Subject: Back in the old routine

23.03.06 Martin Healy. Subject: Bikers

15.03.06 Jurgen Mitchell, Subject: Bikers on the road

13.01.06 Jurgen Mitchell, Subject: Reunion

12.01.06 Mark Threlfall, Subject: Hows things?

12.01.06 Jurgen Mitchell, Subject: The Real World

06.01.06 Eric Haworth, Subject: Good Luck

26.12.05 Doug Parr, Subject: Christmas 2005

08.09.05 Steve Calvert,Subject: Fulltime teaching

08.09.05 Joe Young,Subject: Going It Alone

01.09.05 Bob Parr,Subject: Current Position

26.06.05 Chris Goodrum,Subject:Memories

14.07.05 Andrew Jones, Subject:Life after casting

02.07.05 Simon Parker,Subject: Food

29.06.05 Dean Webster, Subject: G'Day

23.06.05 Martin Brown, Subject: Any Truth

23,06.05 Bri Parr, Subject: Gigalo

23.06.05 Doug Parr.Subject: Me

04.06.05. Dave Beevers. Subject:Pipefitting

29.05.05. Q. Subject:Meltdown in every sense

23.05.05.Martin Brown,Subject:More nicknames

23.05.05.Martin Brown,Subject:Nicknames

23.05.05.Martin Brown,Subjest:Blessing in disguise

19.05.05. Roger Hilditch,Subject:The Sixties

01.05.05.Steve Calvert,Subject:Update

01.05.05 Jason Labudde,Subject:Hi All

01.05.05 Steve Calvert,Subject:Update

25.04.05 Mark Beaumont,Subject:Forty a day

24.04.05 Katriina Etholen,Subject:Meltdown

11.04.05 Mark Beaumont, Subject:Scarred for life

4.04.05 Ian McCarthy,Subject:Still there

31.03.05 Philip Herron,Subject:GRAND RE-UNION

30.03.05 Heads Together,Subject:Nicknames

31.03.05 Philip Herron,Subject:Last Days

31.03.05 Trigger,Subject:Millionaire

31.03.05 Julie Donoghue,Subject:First Job

31.03.05 Mick Perkins,Subject:40 a day

31.03.05 Ray Jones,Subject:Keighley

31.03.05 Ernest Donoghue,Subject:3 Goes

31.03.05 Ian McCarthy,Subject:Last Day today

31.03.05 Duncan Hutchinson,Subject:College

31.03.05 Andy Marsh,Subject:Bathrooms

31.03.05 Kee Kempton,Subject: Quality

31.03.05 Afthkar Ali,Subject:Ali's properties

31.03.05 Wal Kolpa,Subject: Railways

31.03.05 George Richardson, Subject:Does anybody remember

31.03.05 Dean Webster,Subject:NASA

31.03.05 Chris Taylor, Subject: Male Escort

31.03.05 Richard Theakston,Subject: Building Trains

31.03.05 Doug Parr,Subject: Lead Guitar with U2

30.03.05 Bob Parr, Subject: Having a laugh

30.03.05 John Threlfall,Subject:Keep in touch

30.03.05 Jurgen Mitchell,Subject:Re-Union

23.03.05 Jurgen Mitchell, Subject: The Last ones

22.03.05 Richard Bray,Subject: Beware of Strange men on bikes

19.03.05 Steve Calvert, Subject: Just catching up

17.03.05 Dougie Forbes, Subject:Caribbean cruise

07.03.05 Jürgen Mitchell, Subject: Hydro Bikers Club

01.02.05 Frank Ryder, Subject: 80th Birthday

27.12.04 Mr. John Threlfall, Subject: Missing it

30.11.04 Paul Carter, Subject: Life size photos

27.11.04 David Gregson, Subject: Cabin Crew Jet 2

18.11.04 Bob Langley, Subject: Recording studios

17.11.05 Steve Calvert, Subject: Teacher

29.1004 Anon, Subject: But you are never too old

19.10.04 Anon, Subject: Hands cut off

24.09.04 Duncan Webb, Subject: Rock Star

22.09.04 Steve Calvert, Subject: Teaching

12.08.04 Jim Clapham, Subject: Travelling the world

13 07.04 Paul Barlow, Subject: Ambulance service

10.07.04 Anon, Subject: Sweet FA

10.05.04 Avatar 'Charlie' Singh, Subject: A house in the Punjab

10.05.04 Dave Beevers, Subject: Opportunity

09.05.04 Steve Varley, Subject: Forklift trucks

30.03 04 Julia Norman, Subject: New Zealand

26.03.04 Jimmy "Alan Whicker" Clapham, Subject: Travelling

19.03.04 Mick Wagstaff, Subject: Gardening

12.03.04 Shane Stride, Subject: Upholsterer

09.01.04 Roy Crowther, Subject: A hotel in France

06.01.04 Tony Harrison, Subject: Carpet fitting

06.01.04 Bob Speak, Subject: Helicopter pilot


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