meltdown words and images from a yorkshire foundry
Fettling Home

im a foundry man me molten metal in my veins i've sweated and i've toiled but i'll not change smoke's in my throat and swarf's in my skin the metal's my life and my living


Introduction is the dedicated website for West Yorkshire Foundries. The foundry on Clarence Road Leeds started production in the 1930's; its closure was announced in September 2003. From April until November 2004 Heads Together Productions facilitated the project 'Meltdown'. Foundry staff were encouraged to record and express their thoughts and memories of working in a large foundry facing closure. This work has been reproduced in a variety of forms:

A book 'Meltdown – Words and Images from a West Yorkshire Foundry'

An exhibition – which is toured throughout the Leeds area.

A DVD of the short documentary film about the foundry - Cast Well and True.

This website contains additional work, updates, analysis and an education pack for schools. Anyone can contribute thoughts and feedback in the Afterlives section. If you would like to see what others have said please click here.

Meltdown was a partnership project between Heads Together, Amicus and Hydro Aluminium Motorcast – supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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